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LadyMpire Post Topic Sony Playstation Credit Card debacle
If you're thinking the current PS3 credit card promotion is too good to be true- well , . I was told the rebate offer expired January 31 and that Sony had nothing to .

Get Your Own PlayStation Credit Card PlayStation Blog
Nov 24, 2008 . You can go to to to get instant approval for your card, and an immediate $150 credit when you purchase a PS3 .

Show Off Your PlayStation Credit Card PlayStation Blog
Jan 29, 2009 . Probably not a good time for credit cards, but at least Sony is trying to help out. 3 . I've recently received my free Sony PS3 bluetooth head and got a free . The e- mail after you get the system tells you that a rebate has to be .

Sony Card $100 off ANYWHERE\PS3 -
Jan 7, 2008 . Sony Card $100 off ANYWHERE\PS3 Hot Deals. . OP there is no need to do any rebates and $100 is credited automatically to your account.

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study of the rediscovery of monopolychrome

22 July – 19 August 2011 Customer Discussions: PS3 Deals or Offers
$150 card credit will be posted to your Sony Card Statement within 8-12 weeks . who purchased a PS3 with a new Sony Card for a $150 card credit rebate. Customer Discussions: PS3 Deals or Offers
I guess i'm posting this so everyone can help each other note Ps3 deals on Amazon . Though the very fine print said Jan 31, 2008 for the sony credit card offer, hoping . Once you receive items, then do rebate to get $150 credit on sonycard.

DailyTech - Sony to PS3, PSP Owners: Your Credit Card Info May ...
Apr 26, 2011 . Software Sony to PS3, PSP Owners: Your Credit Card Info May Have . Sony just now decided to tell them after six days of service outage for . But it's just a Asus rebate card, and yeah, it has a balance of $0 on it since I .

PS3 $350 with credit card offer -
. for a Sony-branded credit card will get a $150 rebate on anything they buy at the . The card offer expires on August 31, and supplies of the 60GB PS3 are .

Credit Card Bonuses, Cash Rewards Cards, and Promotional Credit ...
Cash Rebate Credit Cards Earn Cash Back on Credit Card Purchases . PlayStation Credit Card Promotion $50 PSN Code Bonus. Earn 5000 bonus Sony Rewards points after your first purchase on the PlayStation Card, which can be .

PS3 Console: PlayStation 3 Systems & Consoles - Best Buy
Whether you want just the PS3 console or one of the PS3 systems bundled with games, . Pitch In Card . Sony - PlayStation 3 (320GB) Uncharted 3 Bundle .

PS3 - Gizmodo
You can get the 60GB PS3 for $349 at the Sony Style Store if you also sign up for a Sony-branded credit card as well. Rebate arrives in 8-12 weeks. [Gamespot] .

PS3 price cut coming in August? - AfterDawn
Jun 9, 2009 . So does this mean you will be able to buy a PS3 for $300 now? . If so, i hope the 100 dollar rebate works with the Sony credit card as well, .

Sony on PS3 price: We've a business to run -
Oct 28, 2008 . Sony has rejected calls for a PS3 price cut in time for Christmas, . in rebate or $50 gift card(keeing the revenues) and then after xmas . where you could get $100 off a ps3 by signing up for a Sony credit card.



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Sony killing 80GB PS3, introducing 120GB or 160GB model with Dual ...
Jan 28, 2008 . According to Ars Technica, Sony has some big plans for a . A more awesome deal if you take advantage of Sony Credit Card's $100 rebate!

Sony Coupons, Coupon Codes, eCoupon, Promo Codes - eCoupons
eCoupons has Sony Coupons, Sony Coupon Codes and Sony Printable Coupons. . Includes 8GB memory card, AT&T DataConnect pass and free PSN game.

PS3 price drop? - Page 2 - Penny Arcade Forums
multiplatform games, the sales of the 360 version bests the PS3 version by an average of 2:1. . the sony credit card than gives you $100 back on your PS3 purchase, then make the purchase and cancel the card after you get your $100 rebate.

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Sony Sued for Negligence Over PS3 Hack
Jun 29, 2011 . Sony has faced a lot of criticism over the monumental PSN hack that saw the data of . in August; $50 Rebate · SecurEnvoy Co-Founder Applauds LulzSec Attacks . Good, 3 days after the hack my credit card had been used, .,news-11662.html

Current Affairs The Elements of Money blog
Sony announced that 70 million Playstation Network (PSN) accounts have been hacked. . Sony is also hinting that credit card information may have also been stolen. . I just read that the government is going to send tax rebate checks to most .

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