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car insurance for 17year old son
Apr 2, 2010 . Has anyone got a decent insurance quote for a 17 year old lad and if so . our own cars,and would we still put son as owner and policy holder?

Should I Have My Teen Get His Own Insurance Policy?
Jul 12, 2011 . If your teen doesn't have a car of his own, it's easiest and cheapest to add him to your policy. If your child has his own car, he can insure it .

Do I *have* to put my son on my car insurance ...
May 21, 2009 . Ask your insurance company if it is possible. Your son will not be covered while driving your car unless he has his own insurance. posted by .

Do I need to get car insurance for my 19year old son ...
Feb 1, 2007 . That is, unless you can get him his own insurance policy that covers him . don't care anything other than that the car has insurance. however, .

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study of the rediscovery of monopolychrome

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Do you have to add your child to your car insurance if they drive only ...
Yes, if you have a child who has a driver's license than you must have auto . their car · If a Minor has his license but does not own a car does he need insurance .

If you have a adult child with his own policy can you be sued if he ...
Can parents be responsible in case of accident for dsiabled adult child with own car and insurance? Sometimes, but the an adult child has their own life now, .

GEICO | Auto Insurance for Young Drivers Moving Out | Family ...
Children of GEICO policyholders seeking their own GEICO policy benefit from the . be for the young driver in your home to obtain his or her own car insurance. . Whether that time is after graduation, or when he or she has landed a good job, . your son or daughter from your GEICO policy to his or her own GEICO policy .

Are you covered by a family member's auto insurance when driving ...
This means that if your spouse or adult child is at least the age that is listed for inclusion . Tom owns a car and has an auto insurance policy under his name.

Auto Insurance Coverage for the Driver Versus the Car | Auto ...
If I loan my car to a friend who has no vehicle or insurance but a valid license and . and you allow your teenaged son, who has been driving for three years and . if they have no coverage of their own, they are covered under your auto policy.

When To Drop Your Child From Your Auto Insurance. - Insurance ...
When can a parent safely remove an adult child from their auto insurance policy? The short answer is when that child has his or her own insurance and makes .

Must I add my son to my car insurance policy? |
Learn when you should add a teen driver to your car insurance policy. . It depends on whether your son has a permit or a license, and, in part, where you live. . If your son buys his own car, he'll need his own insurance policy for coverage.

Are you required to add your children to your auto insurance policy?
This applies even if the child will not be operating the vehicle on the policy. The only alternative would be if the child has their own vehicle and car insurance .



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The Insured
Find out what the phrase the insured means in your auto insurance policy . In this case, even if the child driver has his/her own vehicle and is fully insured, .

Accident Responsibility for Minor with Driver's License in Divorce
This means that it depends of who's car are we talking about. If your child has his own car that is insured under your policy, then your policy will cover regardless .

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Can a Claimant Sue Me if My Child Has Car Insurance in His Own ...
Can a Claimant Sue Me if My Child Has Car Insurance in His Own Name?. State parental responsibility laws may make a parent liable for an accident caused by .

My husbands son (16) has a car and needs insurance. He lives with ...
Dec 28, 2011 . My husbands son (16) has a car and needs insurance. He lives . important that he is covered whether it's through your own policy or through .

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